A research study for adults at risk of developing type 2 diabetes

Enroll online or over the phone
Receive your Welcome Kit in the mail
    Your Welcome Kit provides all the information and materials you need to begin participation in Project NOT ME.
  • Printed instructions on how to access the TV episodes through Comcast On Demand
  • An electronic scale
  • Tracking tools to monitor your activity patterns and eating habits
  • Our contact information in case you have questions
Step on your new electronic scale
    After stepping on the scale for the first time, you will be enrolled in Project NOT Me!
Follow along with the Project NOT ME episodes
    The Project NOT ME episodes share educational, behavioral, and problem solving strategies to encourge healthy behaviors.
  • As an enrolled participant, you will watch a trained facilitator deliver weekly lessons to a class of real Project NOT ME participants
  • You can access the Project NOT ME programming at any time by visiting your Comcast on Demand homepage
  • Download your tracking tools and episode notes here